I had the good fortune of discovering yoga and meditation at a young age through my parents. They introduced me to Jean Klein, an Advaita Vedanta Master from Europe, with whom I was very fortunate to have been a student.

   After a 20-year practice, I did the Yogaworks teacher training, studying with Kia Miller, Sonya Cottle (now Hanlon), and Jessie Schein for my 200 hr. and mentoring with Birgitte Kristen for my 300 hr., graduating in 2012. In addition, I also took several restorative trainings with Jillian Pransky. I teach alignment and stability, with an emphasis on the breath, moving slowly to connect more easily to our emotional, body, and mind centers. You might call it 'slow flow' or 'tune in' yoga. 

  In the same year of 2012, I was introduced to craniosacral therapy. I jumped in and started my training a month later at the Upledger Institute. After taking the first four levels there over a two and a half year journey, I continued my education at the Life Energy Institute, learning Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy. I have also studied privately with John Allen, Karen Axlerod and Ellen Steinberg. I have also studied Reiki with Eleonore Koury, which can compliment any modality. I feel like I could be learning about the body for my whole life, so I continue to study my craft learning as much as I can.  All of these modalities, elicit listening and an ease of being. I am very happy and fulfilled to help guide students and clients in these priceless approaches to health and a deeper self-awareness.

— Practitioner 

John Patterson

Certificate & Education

  • Graduated from Life Energy Institute

  • Studied at Upledger Institute

  • Reiki level 2 Graduate

  • 500 hour registered yoga teacher

  • 1 year of feldenkrais training

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What is Craniosacral / Polarity Therapy?

The National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization states that stress is the #1 disease in the world. I help manage your stress and help you unwind. Craniosacral therapy works with the central nervous system, like yoga, it takes you from your `fight and flight` state to your `rest and digest` state. You are fully clothed on your back. Through gentle touch, your body's own natural healing ability comes to the forefront. You leave feeling deeply relaxed and renewed.


Polarity Therapy uses an energy system that is based on the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, that brings balance of these qualities in the body. It is very gentle like Cranial work. There are many articles online that one can read about these two modalities, but like most things wonderful is best to experience them.