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Life changer - I was in severe back pain for three years.  I had tried everything....physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, injections but it just got worse.  Somehow I found John and decided to give it a try, why not?  I had tried everything else, nothing to lose.  I surrendered to the process, which wasn't hard because it was a pain free process.  I committed and went weekly for many months.  The reason I went weekly is because it worked!  Gradually the pain lifted as my body allowed the healing to take place. I became pain free!  I know this sounds too good to be true but it is.  Sometimes I get a bit of back pain (ie: sitting for jury duty all day) but I go to John and the pain is gone.  I recommend John Patterson without reservation.  He is truly a healer (or at least someone who directs your body to heal itself!


For those with Ache and Pain

—  Jodi


Yoga Reviews

“I really enjoyed John’s class this morning. I am very new to Yoga… in fact, today might have been my 3rd or 4th class ever, so still a little intimidated or unsure on the poses. But I thought John did a great job of walking me through everything.” - Joe F.


“Loved the class.   The pace was great.  His instructions and explanations were clear and gave reasons. The wall work was great and he emphasized other things than I've been aware of.  Great voice.  Soothing and calm and resonant so helped me get into more meditative state.  He [John] gave me some good suggestions too.  Appreciated that.” - Kris G.

Usually when I go to a new yoga studio I try to get classes with all the teachers - just so I can judge if I like the place or not. Here I took my first class with John and I thought "that's it; I'm only taking classes with him."
He's one of the best yoga teachers: nice, patient, helpful and with a very soothing voice. 
I love the class with adjustments: it's half way between a restorative class and an intense flow which is perfect for the days when I'm a bit tired. You spend a bit more time in each pose but you will still sweat. John gives you great directions to improve your posture. - Caroline L.


John's hands on approach was fantastic. He was able to help adjust all of us in our poses and form. Best slow flow class I have been to in awhile. - Betsy.

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